2018 Kia GT sport oriented sedan

New 2018 Kia GT goes on the California road with full camouflage. It is a sport oriented sedan based on 2011 Kia GT Concept which includes premium performance and sports luxury design. Beneath the mask is looming shapely and long front with fastback looking back side. From under the hood expect to see powerful turbocharged 4-cylinder and naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engine with enough power to oppose German leaders Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Although there is no official information about the promotion, we expect promotion at the end of this year while the production and sales start later in the 2017.

There is much that remains to be defined and even the name. There are rumors that under the new name could stand Kia Stinger but about that later. In the last decade are all serious attempts both Korean companies (Kia and Hyundai) to enter the premium segment and the fight with the German giants. It is never easy when you are new in the market and fight against the quality and tradition. On the other hand the long term can bring great benefit if you offer a quality inside, outside and under the hood can be closer to the leaders and be packaged into a lower price.

2018 Kia GT

2018 Kia GT Start first test with camouflage

This luxury sports sedan should be built on new rear drive platform borrowed from Hyundai’s new Genesis. A lot of padding on front may mean stylish hood vents or/and some muscular line. The LED headlights are placed high on the fascia and act thin. Among them is short but wide grille with larger air dam down below. The side view is surprised because does not see side skirts. But they may have already seen on the next ride. Wheels acting as if they were at least 18 inches. The back side is only likely dual exhaust outlets on each side. But the design is such that it is similar to the hatchback.

2018 Kia GT spy shot rear, side

2018 Kia GT Interior

In order to be competition with Mercedes and Audi must combine functionality and luxury. This should not make a big task because as inspiration can serve G90 sedan or Genesis cabin. This means premium materials, cooled and heated perforated seats with high technology. First digital instrument cluster in front of the driver. Sports steering wheel with three branches and flat bottom with with controls at your fingertips. Dashboard should include big touchscreen with infotainment and navigation system. Passengers in the rear seats should also receive some fun in form of rear entertainment system mounted on front seatback.

Kia GT concept interior

2018 Kia GT Engine Rumors

For the drive units figure two engine and probably see both. Weaker is turbocharged 2.0 L Inline-4 while stronger is naturally aspirated 3.3 L V-6 engine. Second engine delivers around 365 horses but in this edition expect to bump close to 400 horses and 394 lb-ft of torque. From Genesis and Equus could borrow dual clutch automatic transmission with eight speed while standard offer probably include manual transmission. Next to rear wheel drive will be good to see all wheel drive as an option.

Kia GT concept side

2018 Kia GT Release Date, Price

A lot of confusion make long awaited 2018 Kia GT. Although the public speculated the promotion at the beginning of the third quarter in Frankfurt all fell into the water with first testing in mid June 2016. It sounds impossible to follow the public presentation for only three months. A little better chance have Paris auto show at the end of year. But to me some work that will be the debut of the American continent at the turn of this in the coming year. The same is the case with regard to price. If opt for the luxury premium segment where exist Mercedes, Audi and new Ford GT expect price around 60,000 dollars. If we look at the competition in Mazda MX-5, Toyota GT-86 or Subaru BRZ expect more lower price.

2018 Kia GT

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