2018 Opel Corsa Sedan new generation

Opel performed 2018 Opel Corsa Sedan under full camouflage on public road. This news would not be strange that the German company 2014 launch current fifth generation. Appearing with sedan body and camouflage from bumper to bumpers suggests fresh design inside and out. Work on the new generation of special attention be replaced because the current model, which is on the market was twice as long. Perhaps the reason is that the current generation use same platform as Fiat Punto and changes were necessary because preserve competitiveness by Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo.

General Motors probably deliberately sacrifice current generation to gain time to offer competitive sedan. It might not be fair to customers because they could wait some years but the figures in sales forced to this step. From this reason we expect that sixth generation receive upgraded engine (and maybe some new) and bring many new features. The way to the more loyal customers could be the same price.


2018 Opel Corsa Sedan Exterior

“Waterfall” grille on 2018 Opel Corsa sedan test mule is obviously a bait. The new generation should have its grille placed higher on fascia. Her move up provide more space for additional vent in bumper. A pair of slender headlamps will further raise modern design style. Back view notice sloping roof, short rear deck, concealed exhaust pipes and slim taillights clusters. The Corsa sedan receive more sports style for rear design. The side view reveals a four door with a lot of padding on door handle and door sill that can be new baits. Especially intriguing works camouflage on glass at the last pillar. Since the change should also be mentioned that wheelbase act slightly longer but needs to carry benefit in the cabin.


2018 Opel Corsa Sedan Interior

About all we know at least something, but certainly not in the cabin. The early phase of testing still does not allow access to the media to interior layout and is on a mystery at this point. Rendering can be based on current generation which brings modern glossy dashboard and center stack with large infotainment display. Simple and clean interior should receive updated to present evolution in development. Trapezoidal A/C vents and colored knobs below screen could be held from Opel Corsa OPC model.

Assumption about longer wheelbase should brings even more comfort, especially in the back seat but primarily legroom and slightly bigger storage space. On other hand headroom and space shoulder may be more symbolic bigger but without serious benefit.


2018 Opel Corsa Sedan Engine

Under the 2018 Opel Corsa sedan hood, likely followed offer few small-displacement engines. As main engine should stay same 1.0 L 3-cylinder with little more horses than current 89 and 113. Next petrol engine could be turbocharged 1.4 L Inline-4 with over 100 horses and 1.6 L Inline-4 with over 210 horses. The current generation also includes naturally aspirated 1.2 L and 1.4 L 4-cylinder gas engine but I am not sure of their stay at least on major markets. Diesel line probably keep same 1.3 L Inline-4 but with some improvements. Beside him and 74 and 94 horses expect a stronger engine with turbochargers.


2018 Opel Corsa Sedan Release Date, Price

General Motors has surprised many by performing new test mule on public road with sedan body instead most popular hatchback. The first days of October 2016 brought the beginning of the development of a new generation which is expected as a model for 2018. For now we know that company plans to launch vehicle under Opel, Vauxhall and Chevy logos, while Buick still standing waiting. Arrival of the new generation after only four years is unlikely to significantly change the price. Let’s say that this may be the same price but not more than 5 %.

2018 Opel Corsa Sedan

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