2018 Toyota Supra Next Generation, Rumors

New 2018 Toyota Supra for now the fruit of speculation among greatest enthusiasts about next generation that could be the answer to Acura NSX. It is a two door sports auto produced since 1978 by Toyota Motors. It was originally created as a response to Datsun Z autos but eventually grew into a cult model. Production ceased in August 2002 due to restrictive emission standards. After there were indications of return or the economic crisis in the world delayed return.

Newest Toyota FT-1 concept immediately opened speculation about the basis for a new generation. There are other enthusiasts groups who believe that base could be Toyota FT-HS concept from 2007. The Japanese company does not sound as if only listens to public expectations. If you decide to go into production model of the work will be much, especially in the choice of drive units where everything would depend on the price range. The best option seem hybrid system used in the Lexus line.

2018 Toyota Supra side

2018 Toyota Supra Exterior

The most striking detail on the concept of the nose, but there is no chance that the production model will have something that. Much more realistic to expect a more conventional appearance in front. We suppose the nose could be toned down to grill making it more similar to Toyota GT86. Instead of the cover on the hood where we can see motor (pictures in the heading engine rumors) should come standard muscular hood with two opening for faster cooling of the engine. In addition to modern and aggressive headlamps on croners, it would be nice to see vertical air vents.

Look at side notice side air intakes as a legacy of F1 concept and A-pillars act blacked-out what is also borrowed from concept. The greenhouse should come instead double-bubble roof and look something raised to ensure better visibility but also give more space in cabin. Corners air vents can come in addition taillights while above them be fixed wing or pop-up spoiler. Round exhaust pipes are merged on both sides where is also placed new diffuser.

2018 Toyota Supra wheels

2018 Toyota Supra Interior

The production model would have to suffer much more than the exterior changes. We are talking of course about F1 concept. Primarily think in direction of more luxury and comfort as well as convenience. That include more conventional instrument cluster, dashboard and center stack. Sports side should be emphasized especially in subordination software to driver and sports seats which could be set lower. This would provide a real feeling of driving. Sports steering wheel probably wrapped in leather has a flat bottom with integrated lot command buttons.

2018 Toyota Supra interior

2018 Toyota Supra Engine Rumors

The drive unit will mainly depend on the price range in which Toyota plans to accommodate 2018 Toyota Supra. It is still too early for concrete things but we expect virtually all variants of the 4-cylinder to V-10 engine. Of all the options that are mentioned should be set aside some of the most realistic sound. As first option can arrive V-6 hybrid system with over 400 horses borrowed from Lexus LS. As second option can come 5.0 L V-8 engine borrowed from Lexus LF-LC concept. In any case, the engineers probably will not do much to move away from the current engine in its luxury division Lexus because save money and time. Emphasized sport’s side of the vehicle could bring suspension and brakes from company  GT86 model.

2018 Toyota Supra engine, hood

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date, Price

Presentation the FT-1 concept immediately triggered speculation about the new Supra generation. Toyota still does not come out with an official confirmation but we should expect her answer to Honda. Recall New Sports eXperience or Acura NSX has already arrived on the market and as the only real competition has Audi R8. For this reason, we believe that Toyota could consider about 2018 Toyota Supra as soon as possible.

2018 Toyota Supra

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